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World War II: Economics, Politics, and the Battlefield Strategy (3/28/2003)

Dr. Burton Folsom     1) East Minus West = Zero: Russia’s Debt                                  to the Western World

                             2) FDR and Waging War Pt. I

                             3) FDR and Waging War Pt. II

Dr. Donald Frazier     1) The Normandy Invasion

                             2) Strategic Bombing

                             3) Blitzkrieg: Germany’s Lightening                                  Warfare

Understanding The American Cause (3/7/2003)

Mr. Gleaves Whitney  1) Defining the American Cause

                             2) Politics and the Market Place

                             3) The American Achievement

Dr. Burton Folsom     1) The Moslem Cause/The American Cause

American Idea Seminar (June 24-28, 2002)

Dr. Burton Folsom     1) Economics in One Lesson

Dr. Bradley Birzer     1) Edmund Burke and Revolution

                             2) Alexander Hamilton: Architect of                                  Constitutional Republicanism

                             3) Russell Kirk: Knight-Errant Against the                                   Ideologues

                             4) Christopher Dawson: Historian of the                                  20th Century

Black History (1/21/2002)

Dr. Robert Pace        1) What They Fought for: African-                                  Americans at War for America

                             2) Background to the Harlem Renaissance

                             3) “Rebirth” Key Figures in the Harlem                                  Renaissance

American Idea Seminar (June 24-27, 2001)

Dr. Ross Lence         1) Lincoln: Liberator or Tyrant

Dr. Michael Jordan    1) Three Southerners against Modern                                  Vulgarity

                             2) Walker Percy, Donald Davidson, and                                  Richard Weaver

Mr. Neal Meier          1) Vietnam: What Happened (4 Wins and 5                                  Losses)

Dr. Donald Lutz        1) What is a Text? Textual Analysis in the                                  Study of American Government,                                  Literature, and History

Founders and the Constitution (10/23/00)

Dr. Burton Folsom    1) Thomas Jefferson: Man & the Myth

Dr. Ross Lence         1) Federalist #10
                             2) Federalist #84

Dr. Donald Lutz        1) Writings Used by the American Founders
                             2) Teaching the Principles of the U.S.                                  Constitution

America at War (5/12/2000)

Dr. Burton Folsom     1) American Revolution: The Price Paid by                                  George Washington and Other Patriots

Dr. Donald Frazier     1) Forgotten War, Forgotten Warriors: The                                  Korean War & United Nations                                  Intervention

Mrs. Barbara Elliott    1) Candles Behind the Wall: Heroes of the                                  Peaceful Revolution That Shattered                                  Communism

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