Center for the American Idea

American Idea Seminars and Workshops

Since 1976 over 2000 teachers from 41 states and 4 foreign nations have attended American Idea Seminars and Workshops. At these programs educators are provided with a professional and intellectually stimulating environment for learning. Respected scholars from across the nation offer a wide array of presentations for teachers of history, government, literature, and economics. Materials, including study guides, videotapes, books, handouts, and readings allow teachers to integrate the presentations into their classroom lesson plans.

American Idea Seminars are low cost week long residential programs held during the summer for which graduate credit is available from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. American Idea Workshops are a series of free one-day programs offered through out the school year and held at Houston area colleges.

Topics presented at American Idea Seminars and Workshops include:

  • The Roots of the American Order
  • American Presidents
  • Black History
  • Economics: Work and Prosperity
  • Shakespeare and Freedom
  • Entrepreneurs in America
  • Literature and the Moral Imagination
  • Discovery and the Settlement of America
  • Origin and Framers of the American Constitution
  • Economics in One Lesson
  • British and American Literature
  • America's Free Enterprise System
  • Texas History and its Founders
  • America at War
  • Literature Colloquium
  • Critical Episodes in U.S. Economic History
  • Visionaries, Enterprises, & Government in Antebellum America
  • America's Spirit of Invention, Discovery, and Entrepreneurship